Requesting Sources via Social Media

Last week, I put a call out for people who have participated in the Learn to Play classes at the Co-Rec. I was hoping to get some sources I could interview for an upcoming blog. I posted this request on my Twitter account, Facebook account and my J&C blog. I got one response total. It was my roommate’s boyfriend that responded, and he said “Spinning classes there are great.”

I think that it would be helpful to post these types of requests multiple times on Twitter and Facebook. One reason is that people will be more likely to see it. When I log on to Twitter, I don’t necessarily scroll down and look at every single tweet I’ve missed since I last logged on. I follow over 230 people; it would be nearly impossible to read every tweet with my full attention. Another reason this would be helpful is that I think people will be more likely to respond if they see the same request a couple times. For instance, the first time they see it, they are probably just browsing through posts quickly and don’t want to take the time to respond even if it applies to them. However, if they see the same post a couple times, the request is more likely to register in their minds and seem more important that they answer. Or maybe they will be so annoyed of seeing the same post over and over that they will reply. Either way will suffice!

I think this might be a little easier in professional situations. For example, if a journalist puts out a call for sources or story ideas, who doesn’t want their name or company publicized? Putting out a call is just another way of gathering 140-character press releases. With PR professionals dedicated to social media, hopefully they are catching on and will respond to these requests more quickly and with more information.

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